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Seo & Local Search: Nearly all business owners run into a wall of digital confusion and questions when faced with that familiar word SEO.

To be #1 on Google means you need a SEO marketing strategy, and if you don’t have one… you will struggle, and that’s the harsh reality.

We will turn your website into an online powerhouse that keeps producing recurring organic users & revenues.

Hire us! Why Diy?

We run an seo audit of your business website to create a problems list, that we quickly resolve in house.

From this information a bespoke seo roadmap is created, and we execute that into a forward marketing strategy for your brand.

The above method drives relevant organic traffic, increases conversions, and rapidly improves your brands domain/rank authority with Google & all search engines.

We explain SEO in plain English! Our management fees start from €49 per week or slightly more depending on client requirements. Contact us!

SEO & Local search

SEO & Local Search: When a website signs up to a directory such as Golden pages, they publish your details including your business name, address & phone number. [NAP]

Google likes these rich sources of link back juice from high domain authority directories and they reward your website with improved rankings in search.

There are hundreds of Golden Pages type directories on the web, that promote your niche, service, product, and there are also region specific directories for your industry.

PPC Global manually sources these new citation opportunities for your brand, and these industry specific links keeps your website #1 in Local Search.

SEO & Local Search image ppcglobal.agencyGet in Touch it’s FREE to talk. [pricing from €499] >>Click2Read>> Local Search to learn more on how local search can positively impact your business…

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