SEO Link Building

The #1 Google Ranking Factor

What are Links?

Links are the heart of the internet, because without them, nothing works, not even Google, or any other search engine, and No Website can effectively rank without Links.

Backlinks are links on other websites that point back to a page on your website: they link your brand to another credible relevant source, which means a higher page rank and domain trust from Google.

Why your competitors are ahead of you in Google page results.

The answer is simple! They have more quality website links than you have.

PPC Global provides two different types of Links: [1] DA10/50 Contextual Links [2] Guest Post Blogger Outreach DA 30/90 placements.

Using 100% White Hat techniques which are natural to search engines, we manually source and place your links with high domain authority/traffic sources [other websites] that are relevant to your brand or services

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White Hat SEO

The vast majority of business owners soon discover SEO link building to be the most confusing and misunderstood practice in search engine marketing [SEM].

Prior to an seo audit, we suggest an ongoing marketing strategy, combining a healthy mix of contextual and Guest Post Blogger Outreach links varied from DA 10/50+.

The above White Hat practice guarantees your website is fully compliant with search engines, and ensures your brand reputation is always contesting first page of Google SERPS. [Which gets +80% of organic clicks.]

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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO via Private Blog Network [PBN] These are automated link building strategies that will get your website penalized and blacklisted by Google.

Experimenting and cutting corners with techniques, that are unnatural to search engines, only spells problems for your website. A sensible Link Building Strategy conveys to Google that your business is White Hat compliant. Contact us


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Purchase Links

World class DA10/50+ in content-contextual links [pricing from €199], these are the very best money can buy to boost your website rankings in SERPS.

Manual production, human touch, and natural to search engines; the very qualities needed to build a brand authority base, and further develop your website reputation to Google.

We create mini-authority properties that are published on powerful blogging platforms that link back to your site.

Our team of copywriters ensures 100% original content, bespoke to your brand, copyscape checked, keyword prefect, and relevant to your product and services.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is the process of placing your brands services in front of relevant bloggers and journalists who have large online audiences.

The prime objective is to secure a guest post on a high quality site, which includes your brand link in a relevant way, and to get new prospects talking and linking back to your web services.

This is the simplest way to get High Quality, Natural, White-Hat in-content links that help boost website rankings and increase sales traffic. [Pricing from €399]

These types of publications provide Google with ranking signals that dramatically boosts your website backlink profile, and many of these publications over time, often become unforseen traffic sources in their own right.

These are the hardest links to get, the ones you normally can’t buy, and can only be earned through quality composition and manual outreach.

Guest posting via Blogger Outreach is not cheap, but it’s not expensive either when the end result, turbo charges Page Pank, Domain Authority, Brand Reputation and ROI.

Contact us for a Confidence Chat! and we’ll ensure your website gets the very best possible link building strategy on the market.


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