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SEO Ireland: Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of optimizing your website to make it rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Seo Ireland

Optimization Explained. A web developer identifies keyword search terms relating to the business niche, that your operating in.

A hairdresser keyword search terms: ‘hairdresser near me’ or ‘hair extensions London’  is hard coded into your website.

Google matches these search terms with online users, into a league table called search engine page results; also known as SERPS.

seo ireland

If your website is 100% Seo compliant with all the boxes ticked, then your on-going marketing strategy will continue to ensure, regular organic visits, and you’ll soon reach page 1 position 1 on Google.

If you have not done any of the above, then all of your competitors, even those with lesser products and services, will leapfrog you in the serps.

Why does my website need Seo?

seo ireland

Less than 10% of people searching online, don’t navigate to the 2nd or 3rd page or beyond… harsh but true & it’s the sign of the times.

1st Page of the search engine page results means… Your website gets 93% of all clicks.  Seo is important to your Business?

Client requirements

seo ireland

Get in touch and schedule a FREE Consultation… @first contact we absorb all client requirements for a local, national, or world marketing strategy. Our engineers then create an Seo Ireland Growth Plan that meets your bespoke needs, or for any other locations required.

Website Audit

seo ireland

An Seo Audit is a forensic review of the technical elements, that power your website.

Data analysis discovers the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your domain, and to identify on/off page issues that need urgent attention…

We make sure, there are no barriers preventing search engines from crawling or indexing your websites content.

On Page Seo

seo ireland

To ensure a website ranks well in Google, our engineers have to take care of everything, such as H1 to H4 tags, image alt tags, title tags, keyword and competitor research, and much more.

These are your ‘on page’ elements, hard coded into the back end of your website, and we also track the web pages performance through Google search console, and Google analytics.

Data insights gives us the ability to highlight exactly where improvements have to be made, and these updates are implemented into your Seo marketing strategy.

Off Page Seo

seo ireland

The vast majority of business owners soon discover off page Seo, to be one of the most complicated, and challenging tasks to accomplish in search engine marketing.

Off-page SEO is the practice of linking your website to another, where both parties have a relevant mutual interest, and search engines like Google, adore these types of marriages.

Links are the heart of the internet, because without them, nothing works, not even Google, or any other search engine, and No Website can effectively rank without Links.

Google and Facebook Marketing

Backlinks are links on other websites that point back to a page on your website: they link your brand to another credible relevant source, which means a higher page rank and domain trust from Google.

We virtually guarantee your website is fully compliant with all search engines, and we ensure your brand reputation is always contesting the first page of Google SERPS. [Which gets 93% of organic clicks.]

SEO Service Costs

seo ireland

Managed On Page Seo [Growth Plans from €49 per week] Turbo Charges your website’s domain and page authority towards Page 1 Position 1.

Managed Off Page Seo [Forward Growth Plans from €99 per week] Links are the #1 ranking factors for off page seo.

Our bespoke manual submission ensures your website gets submitted, into the very BEST, relevant social sites, and blog directories that fit your niche and market.

Additional submissions include: image sharing, article submission, document sharing, forums, Q & A websites like Quora or Reddit, and social bookmarking sites… all of this activity links back to your website, to drive quality organic traffic to your business.

Post Management Seo

seo ireland

Search engine optimization [seo] takes roughly 6 to 8 weeks to kick in, sometimes sooner, and the increased organic traffic, then begins to show on your website.

Continual management – Every month we add new technical updates to your ‘on/off page’ seo growth plan.

Your website is always ahead of the game, and always pushing for the #1 spot on search engines.

Page #1 Position #1

seo ireland

Hire us! to professionally run your SEO & Local Search marketing; our affordable fees, start from €49 per week.

Our ‘Google and Bing certified technicians’, expertly manage your Seo growth plan it’s Free 2 Talk… Get in Touch

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We implement on page seo to your home, about, services and contact pages, Your €49 per week management fee [billed monthly] covers 4 pages only.

This entry package is more than enough for any small business looking to rank@ first stage with all search engines.

There is a €199 set up charge that covers 5+ business days of due dilligence, such as; keyword research aka relevant search terms to your services/products, data analysis of your seo audit, and road map implementation of your seo growth plan.

Once your account is set up and ready to go live, we then bill our monthly management fee.

We also have affordable custom plans for medium websites 12+ pages and large e-commerce websites with hundreds or thousands of products. Contact us for growth plans.


Managed Local Search Growth Plans from €499 Turbo charges your website’s domain, authority, and page rank towards Position #1

Managed On Page Seo Growth Plans from €49 per week Your Website page ranking shoots way up the SERPs.

Managed Off Page Seo Growth Plans from €99 per week Links are the #1 Ranking Factors.

Our bespoke manual submission ensures your website gets submitted, into the very BEST, relevant social sites, and blog directories that fit your niche and market.


PPC Global provides 4 different levels of SEO Local Service; our #30 Citation-Pack starts from €499 [a one time fee] Local Search

This entry level package is usually more than enough, for any small to medium sized business, to rank higher on Google search.

We have bespoke seo growth plans for clients, who require larger management solutions; Contact us & learn more. Get in Touch!


Google and Facebook Marketing when used at the same time in campaigns, gives the business owner the very best of both worlds; The social reach + search term = Sales Conversions.

Google and Facebook Marketing is Complicated!? Don’t drive yourself mad! The DIY option is a headache… Outsource your digital marketing, and  operate your business ‘Focus Free’ as it should be. Google & Facebook ads

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google and facebook marketing


Website Design: Get a Professional 6 page Business Website from €999 or if you require a larger solution; just pay an additional small charge of €75 per extra page.

What’s included in the Price? FREE Hosting & Website SSL Certificate [year 1 only], logo design, bespoke page text, image sourcing, and Google profiles such as business verification, location and maps.

E-commerce Solutions from €1499 Sell goods or services with bespoke shopping cart designs, built to client spec from the ground up. [PayPal & Merchant Ready] website design view portfolio


Get in Touch! it’s Free 2 talk!

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