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Local Search: When a website signs up to a directory such as Golden pages, they publish your details, that include your business name, address & phone number. [NAP]

Google likes professionally submitted citations; because they return rich sources of link juice, from high domain authority directories; search engines, then reward your website, with a greatly improved page ranking.

Potential customers type Seo keywords relevant to your brand, into search engines, which are then Google matched to your products/services.

Search engine page results’ or SERPS quickly shows if your business has a first page position, or has to catch up to compete.

Competitors with a Local Search strategy, will push your brand towards the back page of SERPs. This is how Search Engines Work! They always have, and always will.

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You may be surprised to find your website languishing on the last page of SERPS, whilst lesser brands rule page one. Local Seo is Important!

Everything is mobile these days, combine that with voice activation search built into smartphones, or savvy devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa. Is your business getting left behind?

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Less than 10% of people searching online, don’t navigate to the 2nd or 3rd page. First page = 93% of all clicks + organic traffic pushed towards your brand.

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Local Search… Rank #1

We manually create Relevant Citations for your website, that links your brand, with high domain authority, local directories.

It’s easy to assume DIY linking your website to a handful of citation sources, such as golden pages or Yelp, is enough to get noticed locally in search engines. Well! it’s not! 

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A hairdresser wants her website ranking to improve in local search keywords used: hairdresser Walkinstown, hair and beauty Crumlin Village, hairdresser near me, hair Extensions Cork Street etc…

The above search terms are hard coded into your website, and Google then matches those words, to online users looking for your niche

To be #1 on search engines means linking up with 24+ credible citation sources, that are relevant to your business.

Once connected this two way exchange turbo charges organic traffic, page rank, and domain authority.

NAP means the Contact info of your Business: Name, Address and Phone number professionally listed, so you show up in Google. If you are not first! Then your Last?!

Seo Local audit

We run an SEO Local Audit [€99 one time fee] to identify any incorrect citation issues, such as NAP duplications, before moving forwards to creating your bespoke directory listings.

Local directory citations are the #1 ranking factors for local Search. Our manual submission process, ensures your website gets submitted, and linked to the very BEST directories, for your niche and market.

local search

Anyone can do plain old directory submissions! We beef ours up with geo-tagged photos/videos with citations and links from rich media sources.

This bespoke ‘human touch’ produces very high authority, white hat links and citations for your brands website.

How much does Local Search cost?

There are 4 different levels of Local Seo  [#30 Citation-Pack] from €499 [a one time fee] Rank higher on Google and grab the lions share of organic traffic.

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Managed Local Search [Growth Plans from €499] turbo charges your website’s domain, authority, and page rank towards Position #1

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