Analytics will Boost your Profits…Find Out How!

Do you need lead sheets to drive sales?

The logical place to acquire this information is your website! Which means ‘No More Wasted Traffic’ {99% of small business owners don’t even know or bother.}

PPC & SEO produces invaluable customer data: We analyse to get deep behaviour insights, to help us predict sales conversion.

We use highly sophisticated data capture software, to convert lost or bounced website visits into qualified sales and leads.
All visitors are pixel tracked, and remarketed with incentified, but friendly campaigns, & this process helps to bring back lost customers.

Example [1]

An insurance broker has XYZ unique hits per month & they need a lead generation marketing strategy, that provides name, phone number, email etc, direct to client inbox for the sales team.

Example [2]

An ecommerce store has XYZ unique hits per month; 25% abandon transactions, 28% dump contact forms and 76% click & vanish from the browser, and you don’t know why?

Is your ecommerce store retargeting lost sales opportunities?

Our click/Heat mapping software provides those missing answers, by quickly identifying bottlenecks during customer click journeys.

The lead generation rate card is simple! we charge an affordable flat fee, from €99 per week, to create, manage and drive immediate sales traffic.

PPC Global maximises every single one of your website visitors, Why lose them to a competitor? Get in touch it’s Free to Talk.


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